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By  Appleby Sand Mercantile 

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How it works !

 Meals are cooked on Mondays. If you want to reserve your meals to ensure your selection, orders must be called in ON OR BEFORE Friday  for Tuesday Pickup. 936-559-5151 or you may place your order here in our online store.  Store Closes on Fiday 

We now  also have retail space for you to just come in and pick up products .


Pickup will start on Tuesday from 10a-5p. You can also pick up meals Wed-Thurs 10a-2p Friday 10a-8p. 



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This Texas Restaurant Solves your Meal Prep Woes in the Best Way

Charm Magazine

Charm Magazine

 From Nuts & Bolts to Chicken & Dumplings... Appleby Sand Marcantile Cafe

Lateset Research

The Case for a Low-Carb Diet Is Stronger Than Ever

The Case for a Low-Carb Diet Is Stronger Than Ever


A new, major study supports the “Carbohydrate Insulin Model” of obesity

Dr David Ludwig

Difference Between Keto and Low Carb diet

What is Keto diet and Low carb diet?

 Both keto and low-carb diet revolve around a low-carb intake which will help adherents in weight loss and improve their health. Both the diets focus on real and whole foods. 

Is Butter Bad for You or Is Butter Good for You?

Is Butter Bad for You or Is Butter Good for You

 New research even says we got cholesterol all wrong and debunks the myths of saturated fat 

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About our Meals

All Meals include 4oz meat and 4oz side, are under 500 calories, Low-Carb, and are 

*Gluten Free. (* Kitchen is not certified Gluten Free we do not use  gluten products)

ASM Prepped Meals

6530 FM 2609 Nacogdoches, Texas 75965

(936) 559-5151


Open today

9:00 am – 8:00 pm

The Cafe is Open Mon-Fri 11a-2p and Friday 4:30-8p

Prepped Meals can be purchased Tuesday 10am-5pm, Wednesday- Thursday 10am-2pm Friday 10am-8pm To reserve meals call 936-559-5151